What is Metal Jacketed Gaskets?

  The structure of Metal Jacketed Gaskets is composed of soft filling material and is wrapped by a metal outer layer. Usually, this is a two-piece metal structure with a flat layer next to a soft finish and a wrap layer wrapped on both sides to form a complete shell to encapsulate the filler.

  Why do I need to bring Metal Jacketed Gaskets?

  High pressure and high-temperature applications usually require rigid protective covers to prevent bursts. In addition, the sheath function can protect the core layer from these conditions.

  Where will I use Metal Jacketed Gaskets?

  These Metal Jacketed Gaskets are used for high pressure and high-temperature applications where the flange area is limited but a rigid structure is required. They are also used in high-load exhaust applications, heat exchangers, and pipe flange gasket connections.

  Is the material selection of Metal Jacketed Gaskets important?

  sure! The metal layer must be selected according to the environment, and stainless steel is preferred. In addition, the filling material can come from a variety of options. Tangent core graphite or fiber layer is usually chosen because of its compressibility, handling rigidity, and durability for long-term performance.

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