Humans become vampires - Just like RS gold vampires absorb human blood, humans become vampires by absorbing blood from vampires. Underground chambers are used to transport a Myerditch person who has lost their blood. They are then strapped to a bed and given IVs containing vampire blood.

The vampire blood is infused into the human. Through magic, the DNA is then taken up by the body. As the process unfolds, a vampyre soul is incarnated into the human, which possesses them completely. (Something similar may happen to vampires when they metamorph into vampyres, however they can easily defeat the human soul.)

Or, the human accepts the fate of his fellow. (I thought of Sigmund as a vampyre in the manor. It's a shame that it would be totally against his character. Plus it would require some really big two ex machinas for those series to cross over ...*)

Vampyres are more likely use human blood than animals in order to expand their populations. Human-born vampires must still eat human blood in order to avoid becoming vampires. Although I believe I am correct, this was a fascinating theory to come up with. What do YOU think?

I'm trying to decide where to place the house portal... so it can be used for moving around in runescape. The house will not be used to train for any skill. Don't give me any advice on skill development. I'll be moving to train but that is not a requirement as what I am asking here is to determine my final place.

As you may have guessed, there are two portal chambers which can teleport you to 6 different locations..Add the glory amulet to get 10 more... Each transfer to your home costs you about 300 coins... I do not need to rely on items-specific transport methods for this purpose...ex ectophial...lyre...etc.

I use lunar, so only a tablet with teleport will be needed... ....someother way that i thought of could be suitable for me Spirit trees, gnome airways magic carpet...etc... However, with all of cheap RuneScape gold this in my mind, I am unable to decide which poh location is the best...