In recent years, Madden 22 ratings have become a hot topic, because even NFL players will express their MUT 22 Coins opinions on them, and players usually want their ratings to be higher. Another version of the Madden NFL franchise will be launched on August 17, and the debate on ratings is already underway.

At present, EA Sports has announced the score of each player in this year's competition. The NFL has many players, and Madden has many attributes, so it is difficult to make everything perfect. But the whole season will be adjusted according to the performance of the players in the 2021 season. Below are some notable ratings in the upcoming game version.

Only special players can get an overall score of 99 in Madden, which is the highest score in the game. Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is one of the two cover players this year, with a total score of 99 points. In 2020, his data may not be as good as when he won the NFL MVP in 2018, but he threw 4,740 yards and 38 touchdowns while leading the Chiefs to the AFC championship.

Tight end Travis Kelce is one of Mahomes' teammates. He is a game changer and the best close end in the league. The other members of the 99 club are the Green Bay Packers wide receiver Davante Adams and the Los Angeles Rams defensive excellent Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsey. The Rams scored 83 defensively, which should make the game interesting. Other players may improve to an overall rating of 99 in the middle of the season, but for now, these five are the only players in the exclusive group.

As players age, their Madden score may decline. But this should not be the case with Tom Brady of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Aaron Rogers of the Green Bay Packers. They continue to fight against age by playing extremely high-level Madden 22 Coins games for their respective teams.

Brady also appeared on the cover of this year's Madden. He proved last season that he can succeed in teams other than the New England Patriots, and he provided some of the best data in years. Rogers may have made things interesting this offseason and made it look like he might not return to the Packers, but he finally arrived at training camp and is ready to try another strong season. And Rogers scored 96 points in this year's Madden.

Kyle Pitts is not the first player in the 2021 NFL Draft. He had to wait until the Atlanta Falcons were in fourth place before he heard someone call his name. In Madden NFL 22, Pitts will be the best rookie in the game, with an overall score of 81. Since Julio Jones is no longer on the team, Atlanta's offense may not be so interesting, but Pitts and Calvin Ridley still provide two powerful goals for the Falcons.

Quarterback Trevor Lawrence is not only the first overall pick, but his Madden rating is also the second highest among rookies. The new leader of the Jacksonville Jaguars has a speed of 84, and he will also be able to move well. As for other first-round rookies QB, Mike Jones of the New England Patriots will start at 71. Lawrence and Wilson are most likely to increase their ratings quickly, because they are likely to be the first week of 2021. For more information about Madden 22, welcome to visit UTnice, where you can also buy cheap Madden 22 Coins to enhance your strength.