Born in the US in the 1990s, the "reborn baby" echoes the aesthetic of the time, which sought high fidelity.Some buyers are collecting out of sheer love for the dolls, while others are based on emotional needs, such as bereaved children, infertility or the lonely elderly.
Having a good financial foundation doesn't mean it's easier to be a reborn doll  artist, it's just the first threshold.From scratch, all the knowledge came from conversations with reborn doll lovers, information found on the Internet, and manual trial and error.
Many of the difficulties were unexpected: baking the molds was punchy, but required at least three hours at a time by the stove;The silica gel is difficult to color, and the color may change after baking, which is different from what is expected.Mohair is soft and delicate, tied like wool felt, but its natural color takes more patience and attention, especially at the hairline, which "is the dead end of regeneration."

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