Many consumers receive the ice packs in the fresh express delivery. The outer packaging is usually plastic film, and the filling is a kind of gel. It is this kind of ice pack that has a huge sales online. According to the product introduction, the filling of this kind of ice bag is usually-"Made of high polymer compound phase change cold storage materials, clean, non-toxic, safe and environmentally friendly." Some do not need water injection, just use it directly. Some need water injection, "there is no need to seal after water injection, the powder in the bag quickly absorbs water and becomes a gelatinous, with a certain degree of elasticity, its holding capacity is high, it has the effect of cold storage, and will not cause a large amount of water pollution after melting."

Others describe the filler as a kind of "cold storage cold gel particles". A New Material Technology Co., Ltd. stated that it was “made of high-tech biological materials, meeting food-grade standards, sanitary and environmentally friendly”.

Some shops call this type of ice bag-"using environmentally friendly PE-grade materials", "thickening and not easy to break", "repeated thawing and freezing, and recyclable."

The outer packaging design and content of ice bags sold in different stores tend to be "same". As for the "high polymer", "powder", "gel particles" and other ingredients used in the ice pack, the outer packaging of the ice pack products in many stores has not been clearly listed. Even the basic production address, manufacturer information, shelf life and other key information are often lacking on the surface of the ice pack.

The reporter contacted manager Guo of an ice pack manufacturer in Shanghai. She introduced: “The ice pack filling produced by our factory is a non-toxic and harmless gel, which is absolutely safe. This kind of gel can actually be used as well. Keep the soil water. Putting a little of this gel on the flower tray at home can better keep the soil moist. Moreover, it can be degraded in the soil over time."

"The scientific name of the ice pack is phase change cold storage agent. The formula is similar, it is not complicated, and the technical threshold is not high." Zhong Kai, director of the Kexin Food and Nutrition Information Exchange Center, explained that the principle of ice packs is the same as ice cubes. The temperature of the ice-water mixture is Zero degrees, by adding some ingredients, change the temperature to meet the needs of different food preservation. "There are mainly several common ingredients in fillers.

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