How to Reset the HP OfficeJet Pro 8600 Premium All-in-One Printer

Is your Officejet Pro 8600 Premium printer not working? You might just be able to fix it through a reset. There are primarily three types of resets for this officejet printer, which will be discussed below:

Accessing the Secret Support Menu

This printer has a hidden support menu where you can access several troubleshooting services that you can use whenever your printer goes haywire. To access the support menu, you need to:

  • Turn OFF your printer.
  • Wait for 10 Seconds before turning it ON again.
  • Just as the printer turns ON, press the back button (arrow icon) on the front panel of the printer “4 times”.
  • If you did it correctly, the support menu should appear.
Accessing the Resets Menu

There are several options under the support menu. To access the resets menu all you need to do is navigate through the right until you find the resets menu. Under the resets menu, you will find the three different types of resets, the partial reset, semi-full reset and the full reset. Select the appropriate type of reset you need, and your printer should start resetting itself.

What are these Reset Procedures for?

Each reset procedure is applicable on certain types of issues. Please see below.

The partial reset basically just refreshes the printer and clears out unneeded memory from the printer. This type of resets fixes minor printing issues such as slow printing, cartridge errors, etc..

The Semi-Full Reset

The Semi-Full Reset is the most useful type of reset. However, this clears out all the custom setting from your printer and returns if to its default factory settings. Use this reset if the partial reset does not fix your How to Reset HP Printer issue

Full Reset

The full reset is the most powerful reset. If all other reset procedures is not working you can do this. However, it is not recommended as it really clears deep settings from your printer and any interruption on the reset process may render your printer unusable.

How to Reset the HP OfficeJet 6000 and Fix some Common Issues

This post will show you what are the common issues the Officejet 6000 ( e609n ) have and how to reset and fix it. Note that resetting the printer only applies to hardware related issues. If you have a software issue, then resetting the officejet 6000 won’t do any change or fix to the printer.

  • Blinking lights – blinking lights can mean a lot depending on on the sequence of blinking lights. If you have blinking lights on your printer, you might want to check this hp document and check what it means.
  • Printer becomes unresponsive to print jobs from the computer. While resetting the printer can fix this issue, sometimes restarting the print spooler can fix it too.
  • Wireless Issues – if you are encountering intermittent wireless issues, resetting the printer may be able to fix it.
  • Slow printing – sometimes the printer prints slowly due to low memory on the printer. Resetting the printer may clear everything out and would return your print to a normal and responsive state.
Reset Procedure:

Unlike other HP printers, resetting the Officejet 6000 is just straight forward. There is no Hard of soft resets. All there is available is power cycle the printer, where you remove the power cord from the back of the printer, press the power button for 20 seconds to drain all the remaining power from the printer and plugging the power cord back into the printer.

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