That's all I've ever wanted from Burning Crusade Classic Gold every MMO I have played. I've always been looking for such things in WoW and yeah there's only a tiny community , and even less interaction with people. I've always wanted to play games to be part of the community but they're never able to meet my expectations. I'm only level 18, I haven't left my starting city yet but I'm so eager. I'm eager to go to the cities that are big with thousands of people!

in the first 20 minutes of this game , I went to an event with Ul adventure guild, and it was a total win for me. I now know that it was probably a program bards run (1 month after) i don't care, it was awesome, i also attended the random queen's concert in Gridania in which 3 bards sat for one hour while playing Queen songs, it was fantastic

This is definitely something FFXIV is a master at. If I'm not doing something specific in game but also don't want to leave the game yet or I'm having dinner and want to go back into the queue, I'll head over to Limsa to see if there's something happening.

Some of my fondest early memories of playing the game was playing with two of my friends, having a catch-up with a few other players on the field who we'd initiated a conversation with after which we walked over to Costa del Sol to sit on the beach to watch the sunrise , while telling long jokes and sharing stories. Whilst technically we were doing virtually nothing in game, it resonated and was really fun. There aren't many games I've played which perform that.

After my day of play, I went to Limsa like I always do. I was greeted by a person (cuz I'm so short) and they then were kind enough to compliment me on the tank I was wearing And for the next few minutes , we were dancing together and said goodbye. This is pretty normal in the game.

LotRO is the MMO closest to FFXIV in terms of player-led activity. I played Landroval to create alts and buy WOW TBC Gold hosted Weatherstock. But nothing even came even close to what happens in the daytime that I can see here.