Last weekend, more than 200,000 concurrent players participated in the closed beta of Amazon New World, and the game is currently quite successful on Steam. For the latest reports on New World, please pay attention to NewWorldCoins.

According to SteamDB reports, the number of concurrent players in New World reached about 180,000 per day. The MMORPG closed beta started on July 20 and was welcomed by platform users. On July 25, the number of closed betas reached its peak, and a total of 200,856 concurrent players gathered in the game.

Currently, the New World closed beta ranks sixth in SteamDB's list of most frequently played games. This makes New World higher than many other popular online multiplayer games, including Rust, Team Fortress 2 and Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. In addition, the New World closed beta is currently ranked first on the SteamDB popular game rankings.

For Amazon Games, this will be an exciting new thing, and it has been working hard to make an impact through its first game. A Grand Tour game was taken off the shelves, several projects were cancelled, and there were reports that there were problems with the management and internal game engine.

Last week, due to reports that the New World internal beta was reportedly destroying the Nvidia RTX 3090 graphics card for those trying to access the game, some players who wanted to access the internal beta were worried. In order to allay players' concerns, EVGA confirmed that it will replace all RTX 3090 cards that seem to be bricked by New World internal testing.

The New World closed beta will continue until August 2, and the full game will be released on August 31. If you want to enter the New World beta, you can register through the New World website to gain access, or book the complete game from Amazon or Steam. In addition, you can visit to get the latest news of New World.