Pressure gauge size and material

  Pressure gauges have a variety of options and sizes, the most common are from 50mm dial to 150mm dial size, various connection sizes and ranges from full vacuum (-1 BarG) to 1000 Bar and above. It is more common to use all stainless steel materials for process applications. If it is to be used in a corrosive environment, pressure gauges with special alloys can also be provided.

  Glycerine filled pressure gauge

  The most standard form of pressure gauge can only provide visual readings. This can sometimes be difficult because the mechanical system is very sensitive to pressure readings. Therefore, when it tries to maintain stability, the needle appears to be fuzzy. There are multiple solutions to this problem, including the use of glycerin or silicon filling fluids to inhibit needle movement.

  Aneroid pressure gauge

  Another option that is becoming more widely available is to use a mechanical damping system in the meter to ensure stable rock readings. This is achieved while maintaining a very high reading accuracy. The aneroid pressure gauge uses an innovative pointer stabilization device in the movement to provide the damping advantage of a liquid-filled pressure gauge in a dry configuration.

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