Kammprofile Gaskets, also known as serrated metal gaskets, consist of a metal core, usually stainless steel, with concentric grooves on both sides. The sealing layer is usually applied on either side. According to the service responsibilities, the material of this layer can be expanded graphite, polytetrafluoroethylene, non-asbestos gasket material, or some soft metal. It can be used without a sealing layer to provide excellent sealing, but there is a risk of flange surface damage, especially under high sealing pressures.

  Application of Kammprofile Gaskets:

  Kammprofile Gaskets from Kammprofile Gaskets Suppliers are the gaskets of choice when performance needs to be improved under low seat stress. It has excellent anti-burst performance, and a reliable solid metal-to-metal seal combined with a soft sealing surface can provide a tighter connection. It is particularly suitable for applications that encounter high temperature, high pressure, and fluctuating conditions. The non-metallic coating ensures that the flange will not be damaged, even under extreme loads. This type of gasket is an ideal substitute for problematic applications related to jacketed gaskets and is suitable for heat exchangers, vessels and reactors, and various flange connections.

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