You will find the Level 45 Lunar Prisoners and the Level 65 Zomified Warrigors once you begin to enter the OSRS gold Dungeon. Then, you'll get to the Level 80 Ethernals. The Ethernals wear Lunar Garbs, and carry an Lunar Staff. However, the top is replaced with redhawks.

The Ethernals are similar to Vampyres but they are humans. They are however enchanted and can only be wounded with the Solarus Staff. If you use a normal weapon they will be totally immune to it. The Ethernals can hit as high as 30. They can use range and Mage. You must ensure that you activate at minimum one of the prayers. Otherwise, it will be difficult to eliminate them. After they are killed, they drop an Enchanted Ethernal Staff. Then, run through the Warriors, the Prisoners returning to the ladder. You'll reach the trapdoor by climbing up the ladder. You will then be able to see the next cut-scene.

Let's begin the Ceremony. Yes Master Solarus. Solarian! Ubei, Lavak, Simat, Carnem, Salverous! The Frozen Trapdoor begins to shine and a Guardian sets down a bowl. A second Guardian will kneel to put the Dream Log into the bowl. The Second Guardian kneels down and ignites it using an tinderbox. They then transform into Nightmare Logs.

Lunar Mages land on the shore. You can't go wrong! Control your actions! Lokear launches a ball of glowing water at Solarus. Prepare to fall with thy leader! Guardians are being shot at by Lunar Magi and Solarian is the only one left. Solarian is the Foolish Lunar Magicians Solarian attains 557 on all mages, and the majority of them die. Lokear The mages of my... Isle... will...

The Cut-scene ends Your orb will be contacting you. Ethernal Communicator: I think it was a flashback to the events Lokar told you about. Lokear survived, but was severely injured and astonishingly weak. Lokear was a wizard of a high level, and knows all the secrets of the Solar Isle. He lives on Waterbirth Island, at the highest spot. If you ever have to find him, I've got teleportation powers. However, I can't slowly teleport you and you'll lose all your prayer points.

Return to Savarain at his hut. Have you returned with the Ethernal Staff? Here's the link. Great job. Now, I need you to run tasks. Solar Guardian gives you a scroll. Then, meet me in buy RS gold Supernova's Hole. You'll find the information you are looking for in the scroll.