Certain people are able to aion classic kinah buying exercise the skills they've spent dozens or hundreds of hours in achieving which is the capability to erase characters who haven't succeeded yet, and also to compare it against players who have. Even if you be in this category often, remember that the game will eventually come to you. If that's not what you're looking for then perhaps Aion Classic is not your preference? This post isn't intended to be a confrontational or aggressive approach. Just being honest.

Also, for reference for reference, I'm only level 34 happy at this point and I find myself on the wrong end of the stick more often than not. I enjoy the thrill of being able to escape the hunt just like I do hunting as I am sure that in the future (at 40 when my glad is decent in PvP) I'll be more hunting than I am.

Yes, I definitely sense the appeal and appreciate that some people love. Hell, I even had a twink when I was playing 10 years ago, but my outlook has evolved since when I first started. Actually, I've been a much more chill person in the realm of gaming, but it's really about the motive behind it.

You said you're level 34 and I think that puts you in a situation where you're not a super intense player (or you don't have the time to invest is what I'm saying) or are you a casual. That's where I'd classify myself. While I'm not exactly a casual player, I've only purchased the subscription , and I regularly play. To me, however, the majority of the frustration is being aware that those hurting me are likely to know they outgear/outlevel me (if they're a purple even more-so) and so they choose to pass by and kill me or even go so far as to set up camp for hours until they get hunted down. The final game content is not finished. Dredgion is still not released. The majority of these players' primary motive is to be able to advance with a huge amount of money or hours, and dodging lowbies. I am speaking as a seasoned player who also enjoys pvp but not as a brand new player.

I know what you're saying. It was kind of strange to be up against the purple hues of my 30s only two weeks away from the day the game was released. So, go outside, touch the grass my man and enjoy the sun. Don't try to alter life of someone else in the game.

But, I don't want this to change. This is the kind of environment that brought me to love Aion so much, and this is why I decided to return.

GW2 is a fantastic example. I like GW2 gameplay regardless of what others think. After a few days, I realized that my progress was useless because everything is scaled by difficulty, which buy aion classic kinah never gets easier or harder in the same way, and players are exactly the same as me. It's not working for me.