Insulation Gasket Kits can protect flange joints from static current corrosion (by preventing metal contact between flanges, studs, and gaskets). Insulation Gasket Kits include a washer for each nut, a full-length insulating sleeve for each bolt, a washer (F, E, D, O type), and a thick plated steel washer for each nut.

  What are Insulation Gasket Kits?

  The purpose of Insulation Gasket Kits is to prevent (electrolytic) corrosion of flanges and flange joints that may be caused by static currents in the piping system.

  Insulation Gasket Kits include a special gasket, spacer sleeves for all studs and nuts, and special washers. These components are made of special materials with appropriate chemical stability, low water absorption, and dielectric properties.

  Even though Insulation Gasket Kits are cheap accessories, they can extend the service life of pipes and flange joints. Insulation kits are usually up to 24 inches in size, but higher nominal sizes can be made if required.

  Insulation Gasket Kits can be used with ASME B16.5, B.1647, all sizes and grades of API flanges, from 1/2 to 80 inches.

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