Do you think about what games you are going to use to spend a happy time this summer? Today I am going to recommend to you an MMORPG - New World developed by Amazon Game Studios, which is one of the most anticipated games by players in 2021. If you are interested, you can also enter the game in advance and experience it through the closed beta.

New World is undoubtedly the crown jewel of Amazon Games, and many players are excited about the release of this game. However, some players complained that the in-app purchase system in the game would cause the game to become a pay to win, as well as successive release delays.

Through the closed beta test held by the developer, players now have the opportunity to start a fantasy adventure on the island of Aeternum in advance, and then decide what game route they choose after the game is officially released on August 31. Although everything about the test has been prepared, only some lucky enough players can participate. You can choose the most suitable way to guarantee your quota or just have a chance to be selected according to your own situation.

New World MMO cloed beta platforms and dates
First of all, as most veteran players who already understand the basic content of the game have expected, only PC players can participate in this event. In addition to downloading the client on the official website, players can also experience it through Steam. It's time to find those gift cards you lost in the corner, because you can use them to buy Steam keys directly on Amazon.
In addition, players need to live in one of the geographic regions such as North America, Europe, Australia, and Brazil, because the test server can only be used by players located in these regions. After the players in these areas gain access, you can enter the beta game.
The specific test date is from July 20, 2021 to August 2, 2021, which means that you have less than one day to prepare for this.

The ultimate guide to the New World Closed Beta
You need to fill in the registration form on the special page of the official website to get the chance to be selected to participate in the test, or directly book the game in the Amazon and Steam stores to directly get the qualification to participate. These are two specific ways to participate in the New World Closed Beta.
If you register on the special page of the official website, you need to pay attention to the email in your mailbox, because Amazon has stated that they will notify players by email whether they are authorized to participate in the test.
If you purchased a copy of New World through Amazon prior to July 17, you'll receive an invite to the beta on July 19, the day before it goes live. Keys purchased through Amazon at a later date guarantee access to the beta within 48 hours of your order confirmation.
Finally, if you've already preordered New World on Steam, or plan to do so after the beta kicks off, you'll automatically receive access to the testing session via a “New World Closed Beta” program that will appear in your Steam library.

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