We will use a lot of tie down straps manufacturer products in the hoisting process. These products will bring us great convenience, but we still have many points to pay attention to in the hoisting process.

Precautions before hoisting operation: Check that all safety protection devices and indicating instruments should be complete. Fuel, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, and cooling water should be added adequately. Before starting the oil pump, run the engine at low speed for some time. Check that the steel wire rope and connecting parts should meet the requirements. Check whether the hydraulic pressure is normal. Check the tire pressure and the connections should not be loose. To adjust the outriggers, be sure to lay the fully extended outriggers in the prescribed order to make the lifting in a water state, and adjust the body so that the inclination of the slewing bearing surface is not more than 1/1000 when there is no load (the level bubble is centered). Fully check the ground conditions at the worksite. The ground of the worksite must be able to hold the crane in a horizontal state and be able to fully withstand the moments acting on the outriggers.

Of course, there are other things to pay attention to, but no matter what the situation, you need to pay attention to your safety.