PVC is a kind of synthetic material that is well-loved, popular and widely used in the world today. Its global usage ranks second among various synthetic materials. PVC board can be divided into soft PVC and hard PVC. Among them, hard PVC accounts for about 2/3 of the market, and soft PVC accounts for 1/3. What is the difference between PVC hard board and PVC soft board, let's briefly introduce it below .

Soft PVC celuka board are generally used for floors, ceilings and leather surfaces, but because PVC soft boards contain softeners (this is also the difference between soft PVC and hard PVC), they are easy to become brittle and difficult to store, so their scope of use is limited. The surface of the PVC soft board is glossy and soft. There are brown, green, white, gray and other colors to choose from. The material used in this product is up to the city, the production is fine, and it is widely used. Performance characteristics It is soft and cold-resistant, abrasion-resistant, acid-resistant, alkali-resistant, corrosion-resistant, tear-resistant, has excellent weldability, and its physical properties are better than other roll materials such as rubber. Used in chemical industry, electroplating, electrolytic cell lining, insulating cushion, train, automobile interior decoration and auxiliary materials.

PVC hard board does not contain softener, so it is flexible, easy to form, not easy to be brittle, and has a long storage time, so it has great development and application value. PVC rigid board has good chemical stability, corrosion resistance, high hardness, high strength, high strength, UV resistance (aging resistance), fire resistance and flame retardancy (self-extinguishing), reliable insulation performance, smooth and smooth surface, no water absorption , No deformation, easy processing and other characteristics. PVC rigid board is an excellent thermoforming material, which can replace some stainless steel and other corrosion-resistant synthetic materials. It is widely used in chemical, petroleum, electroplating, water purification treatment equipment, environmental protection equipment, mining, medicine, electronics, communications and decoration, etc. industry. PVC rigid board is beautiful and simple, and it is necessary to maintain its beauty.

Chemical protection of PVC hard board: avoid a large amount of water staying on the surface of the floor for a long time, especially for block floors and homogenous floors. Water soaking the floor for a long time may penetrate under the floor and cause the floor to melt and lose its adhesion. It may also make the protective wax moisture layer on the surface of the floor cause floor pollution, or the infiltration of sewage into the floor and cause the

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