For now, the content of Path of Exile is gradually enriched, which leads people to figure out many things in the game if they want to play Path of Exile. How to earn more POE Currency effectively and how to use more practical skills to win has become one of the problems players need to understand. Although they do take a long time to understand how it works, this short guide will give rookies a better understanding of how to start with popular ARPG games.

First, the first thing they do after entering the game is to choose one of seven professions to create a character according to their favorite style. The first is the duel. He is a character focused on melee combat and can summon an AI servant to help. Then there is the Templar, which can launch fireballs of lightning and other projectiles. The witch is a powerful female spellcaster with a high IQ, while the ranger wields a bow and sword. The predator has another useful melee role, which has powerful power. Shadow is more like a warrior using intelligence and dexterity, and Scion can adapt to any POE construction. However, players can choose to have additional character slots, so they can also switch between them.

One of the most important suggestions that can be provided is to make the players’ own characters as strong as possible and stay alive as much as possible. They also need to pay attention to when the battle is over, although their mana will restore, but the reduction in health is irreparable, so they must pay close attention to both. With this in mind, novices should prepare a decent flask for themselves. The better it is, the more it will help them in the long run.

With these basic but practical suggestions, they can start this adventurous journey. Novices also need to remember to Buy POE Currency as much as possible, and spend some time in their leisure time to research the market to get the items they need. There are a lot of things to do, but it’s worth it to experience ARPG games.