In the autumn of each year, we should consider how to install our own equipment after the busy schedule. After all, these equipments are very valuable, especially multifunctional garden tools . They can play a huge role at work, so we must arrange them properly. , So that it can be put into use immediately when the spring starts next year.
The tips of branch and rose scissors can also be used for hedge trimmers. The blade should be cleaned with a damp cloth or brush, and then oiled. The clean sword must be checked for possible damage and should be kept in a protective cover. Like all other equipment, the blade can be sharpened here.
When disassembling the electric hedge trimmer, make sure it is disconnected from the circuit.

Tips for cordless grass shears:
At the end of the gardening season, cut the grass as far as possible during cleaning to reach hard-to-reach places. It is usually sufficient to remove dirt, stubborn dirt or resin with a cloth or brush, but it is recommended to additionally use cleaning oil or anti-corrosion oil. If everything is spotless, sharpen all blades and oil the moving parts.

attention! As with all other wireless tools, remove the battery and store at room temperature. Don't forget the intermediate fee! If the battery cannot be removed, the device should be stored indoors.

Storing lawn mowers and scarifiers in winter
A man removes the battery from the lawn mower.
Before bringing the lawn mower and scarifier into their respective winter areas, it is necessary to remove the attached grass and soil. Rough dirt is best scraped off with a piece of wood, and finer dirt is clean water and a suitable brush. Gasoline lawn mowers can be cleaned from the bottom with a hose. If you don't clean the lawnmower, moisture is likely to erode the paint, and in the worst case, erode the metal and rust after a period of time. When cleaning the collection basket (especially the textile basket), be sure to completely dry it after cleaning, otherwise the wet basket will form a breeding ground for harmful molds.
In order to cut the lawn cleanly next spring, the blades of the mower should be cleaned and sanded with sandpaper in winter.

attention! Check before handling the work knife:
• wear gloves?
• Electric lawn mower: Has the cable been unplugged?
• Gasoline lawn mower: spark plug disconnected?
• Cordless lawn mower: safety key off? Anyone who wants to be safe: the battery runs out!

Before final storage, the following activities are recommended for various lawn mower types:

On a gasoline lawn mower: The oil level should be correct before sleep: change the oil if necessary, or if you don't trust yourself, ask the dealer to change it. After completing all these steps, the last important point is usually forgotten: empty the water tank. In the cold months, the residual fuel loses flammability, which may cause startup problems when it is used for the first time in the New Year. The tank can be emptied by pumping into the tank. The remaining gasoline can only be stored in special tanks! After the water tank is empty, you start the lawn mower one last time and wait for it to shut itself down. So the carburetor is empty, it can't stick anything. If you still clean the air filter, you have succeeded.

On a cordless lawn mower: Make sure that the battery is not stored in a cold environment. This generally refers to cordless tools. The battery should be removed and stored at a room temperature of 5-25°C. To avoid deep discharge of the battery, the battery should always be half charged. If the battery is low, it is recommended to charge the battery.

Sharpening and cleaning automatic chainsaw

A man is grinding a saw chain.
After cutting the last tree in the fall, it's time to send the chainsaw into a well-deserved hibernation. However, in the preparation phase, it is important to disassemble and clean the chain and protective cover. It is easiest to use gasoline to remove tree resin and other dirt. After cleaning, the disassembled saw chain should be sharpened and inspected for damage. Damaged saw chains should be repaired or replaced immediately! To avoid rust, please lubricate the protective cover and chain after cleaning and installation.

For a gasoline chain saw, it is recommended to empty the fuel tank and carburetor, fill up with oil and check the spark plug. The procedure is the same as the maintenance procedure of a gasoline lawn mower. The air filter should be cleaned, checked for wear and replaced if necessary.

Garden pump and water plant
A woman dismantles a garden pump in a pond.
If you use a water pump or irrigation water supply in your garden, you must adjust it in winter. Drain the water to avoid freezing in the pump and bursting of the pump casing. Of course, even if you use these equipment, it is recommended to perform basic cleaning (especially algae residues) before overwintering.

Store properly
Once all devices are properly cleaned and reach their best condition, they can be put to sleep. We recommend dry and frost-free storage. In addition, lawn mowers, hedge trimmers, and chain saws can be wrapped with tarpaulins to prevent dust from entering.
What additional tasks should you consider to build a garden winter proof, we show in an additional post.

Thanks to these simple rules, you can directly start using properly maintained and preserved gardening tools next spring, and you will almost certainly not have costly accidents.

This is all about how to store the device, if you have other questions, you can contact us.