I think Lannok isn't that bad if you can not receive the aion classic kinah 19 percent ASpd from blending, as you can just change to your knockdown in the event that you actually need it.

Most played courses are looking like cleric and gladiator right now followed by the 2 casters, at least according to the survey in the large Aion classic discord which was linked with this subreddit. Assassin/ranger are polling lower. This might be due to the fact that a lot of EU players are coming into NA classic, so plenty of people are trying to select more ping-friendly classes.

Yeah and forget about enjoying Assassin or Pvp in general (which is the very best part of this game. 150+ ping no matter how good web you've got. Some caster courses might be fine but it is def a con. After all EU has many times more players playing and loving Aion, Gameforge just been shown to be shit one more time.

While it's entirely possible that there'll be one in the NA version of the game, there is no evidence for it. Could it eventually alter? Sure. However, every game may potentially add significant p2w at any point.

I have watched a movie on it and although it is not the worst, it may definitely be considered p2w. The streamer I saw said he understands people who buy the battle pass and levels on multiple accounts for more of it. Buy tbh I am not thay bothered, as long as they don't make it overly terrible.

"There are many players that experienced difficulties in the original Aion due to the high EXP required to progress. These problems are corrected in Classic and adjustments are made so that the highest level can be reached in a shorter quantity of time"

Like wtf? Are you opening a Classic server for men and women that played with the old Aion or for the ones that are playing it today since I did not and do not feel a requirement for them to"adjust" the exp or the difficulty

I think the modification was absolutely needed, you may be forgetting how grindy classic Aion was. Bear in mind, there were no solo cases, and less quests, no pink quests. From around level 35-45 was dreadful for levelling unless you can solo/duo elites. Jeiparan Village buy aion classic kinah eu repeatables were monotonous, that's the way my friends grinded to 45/46 earlier we could do Theo Labs.