Several approaches are available, but the simplest and most beginner-friendly is to use a wig cap (such as those available from Party City) to achieve the desired look. To hold your hair down and give yourself something to anchor your wig to, you can braid your hair up against your scalp and then swirl the plaits around your head, like this:No matter which method appeals to you (they'll all work; it's mostly a matter of your level of patience and skill, as well as whether or not you own a wig cap in the first place), there's a tutorial that will get you up to speed quickly and efficiently. Take a look at the examples below, then pick up a paintbrush and get to painting!

To top it all off, if you're still looking for a Halloween costume idea, be sure to check out our entire Halloween page. The following three-second dress-up solution is available if all else fails:In this episode, we meet the alien known as the Flash Tattoo. She went from cropped to cornrows in minutes at Paris Fashion Week spring 2016, thanks to her trusty pixie-cut wig (which we've seen her wear before). She gave a whole new definition to day-to-night beauty with her wig.

A quick rundown: Clip-in hair extensions are an excellent way to instantly add length to your hair if you're not a patient person. Another option is to add some pieces to your hair to give it more volume if it is fine or thinning naturally. Wilson recommends having your clip-ins customized by your hairstylist for the most natural-looking fit (unless you plan to use them solely for a long ponytail, in which case Wilson recommends purchasing them from your hairstylist). It's not uncommon for stylists to simply snap in a couple of pieces if you're only adding a couple of pieces, according to her. A Lace Frontal Wholesale will almost certainly be required if you want a completely different shape that necessitates the use of ten pieces.

Maintenance is simple: Because clip-ins are not intended to be worn on a daily basis, they only require periodic washing. And don't even think about putting them on your bed at night. In Wilson's opinion, the clip-ins should be placed in the same places in your hair. It is not recommended to use the clips more than twice a week because the area can become weak after a while due to the tension created by them. You can take them out by gently sliding them out of your hair after you have unsnapped them.

"This is a wig," we're declaring. Our justifications are as follows: a)One of them is that she has named the man responsible for the blue wig she wore earlier this year, William Jackson, who also has dark roots like those seen here and who she tagged. And second, she recently dyed her hair blond after months of hiding it under hairpieces and leaving it unattended. She has no intention of covering it with another color in such a short period of time, either.

Jenner has had a very busy 24 hours in the beauty department, what with showcasing the brown shade of her Lip Kit last night, the soft makeup she wore to Kanye West's fashion show during the day, and this mint hair. Keep an eye out for tomorrow, when she might just come up with another surprise for us. Maybe she'll get a nice tattoo on her face to commemorate this occasion. Even if it weren't for the well-known tattoos and signature pop of pink lipstick, we'd be seriously doubtful that this is actually Amber Rose in this photograph.

As much as we adored her buzzcut, we think she looks fantastic in brunette and can't wait to see what she looks like the next time she steps out on the town.