The feeling of playing Aion Classic again after many years

Just last week, everyone expected that the permanent Aion Classic had been launched. In fact, this is the original version 1.0 of Aion released in 2009. Players before Aion would experience any of its expansions, and would also feel that it is harder to upgrade. I started to experience Aion the day it was released. It was precise because of its flight system and gorgeous battles that attracted me in a way. These unique feelings were not possible in games such as World of Warcraft, Guild Wars, and Warhammer Online at the time. Nevertheless, I slowly gave up the game because I felt that the ordeal at the time was too much for me, and eventually, I quit the game when Final Fantasy XIV was first released a year later.

The previous experience is an imperfect little story. Now, I am here to tell you how it feels to experience this game again after many years. This is the experience of playing Aion Classic again last week to make you happy. In fact, in November last year, Classic was launched in South Korea, but in the West did not receive an official announcement until two weeks before it was launched. Although this announcement was late, it still made most players feel a little expectant.

First of all, just like any new MMORPG-even if this is just a classic server release-there will be some minor issues on the day of the release. Of course, Aion Classic is no exception, but I think the problems it encounters are relatively minor. The initial server startup time was delayed by 30 minutes from the extended server maintenance before startup, which is good. Then the Siel server seems to be full and no one can log in a bit, including me. I tried to log in to the Israphel server and was able to join the queue. Unfortunately, that queue exceeds 9,000 and it took me about 30 minutes to get in. So there was a delay of about an hour in total. MMOSO provides safe Aion Classic Kinah for sale to protect your account security, real players polish online, so you can buy with confidence.

Personally, I would not schedule my entire day on the MMORPG release, although frankly, I hope I can still. The queue was cleared after a few hours, and the server seemed to be stable all day. This makes me feel like a victory for any MMO. Finally logging in to the starting area of ​​the Asmodian side once again made me feel a sense of nostalgia. I am very happy to experience this journey again, and when I picked up the mission I started and started crying at some unsuspecting thugs, my emotions flooded. There is no misunderstanding about the future of Classic: I am working on it. Players can exchange items dropped by monsters for Aion Classic Kinah.

In the beginning, players only have automatic attacks and one skill, and there will be a cooldown, but later players can purchase new skills through Kinah in the game. In addition, some rare skills will drop on some specific monsters, and the players will also sell them. Of course, players can also Buy Aion Classic Kinah and Aion Classic Gold at They are not only cheap but also easy to buy so that your path to become stronger is more convenient.



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