Not long ago, after the free weekly value of Siel's Aura expired, I had a free trial to experience Aion Classic. At first, I saw through the nostalgia of the rose-colored glasses, and then I truly understood how Aion’s decision to restore the original subscription model would affect players who don’t want or can’t pay. 

I would not go after it. In the beginning, I played Aion Classic as a free trial player, and it was a difficult journey. I know that a 50% loss of experience will significantly increase my effort, but I don’t understand how almost every aspect of the gameplay has changed significantly for me. I actually have to schedule my first hour of playtime every day, so that I don't feel like I’m wasting time. Aion Classic Kinah is the universal currency in Aion Classic and plays an important role in Aion Classic. And I also feel that instead of running around, heading to new areas, or trying lengthy tasks, it’s better to stay in one place and continue hunting down specific monsters that I like. This is a wise choice.

In fact, in most cases, I prioritize fighting thugs and maximizing the experience I gain in the first hour. Repeatable tasks, such as daily coin-operating tasks, give me a good goal or task so that I don’t get bored with these tasks. I found that I waited until the first hour of running-in to start the task of collecting materials before handing them in, although, in the end, it was easier to buy what I needed from a broker, although more expensive. I even waited until the first hour to hand in these tasks, and any other miscellaneous tasks that took a long time to complete—for example, tasks that required me to visit three completely different areas to collect specific monster drops.

I forgot that without Siel's Aura, one limitation is that you cannot collect materials or ingredients from the world after the first hour. I want to give priority to improving the level of my actual role, not professional production. If this is my preference, I can also spend that hour collecting to improve my Essencetapping or Aethertapping skills, and then participate in the production. Technically, you can still do whatever you want, but you are limited by one hour, unable to obtain your own materials, and cannot spend kinah in the game.

Therefore, Aion Classic feels like an MMO, which punishes players who don't pay subscription fees. I feel compelled to choose the focus of my day and plan my time in the world instead of simply experiencing it like any other game. I'm not here to criticize the entire subscription, but I think it limits the "free trial" players to such an extreme level that they either dissuade many of them from continuing to play or get stuck in a particular gaming experience-also In other words, grinding.

To be honest, after this period of experience, this game can still be played. I just might not play it every day, because there is no benefit to playing real games for only one hour a day. Players can buy cheap Aion Classic Gold on I know that this "Aion" is the same routine as most online games-its design has no disguise-but many cumbersome problems can be solved by providing free players with alternative ways to kill time, such as collecting And production. Of course, free trial players may have some rights restricted to some extent, which is one of the reasons why the experience is a bit bad.

Although I think this limited subscription is a novel way to try to fight with robots, it seems that in the game the robots have decided another way of action-only sell candy for kinah, and then sell kinah. In fact, I got to know a website by chance, where players can Buy Aion Classic Kinah, you will receive good service when you enter the website to buy, and there will be the cheap Aion Classic Kinah you want. This is also a way to make you stronger in the game for a short time.