When looking to price a can making machine, You may experience sticker shock. There are a few items you will need to consider when taking the price of these machines into consideration. Here are the items that will affect the cost of your chosen equipment.

Functionality - A food packaging machine could cost you anywhere between $10,900 - $65,000. The functionality of each machine has a big effect on the cost of the equipment. The price of your machine is going to be based upon the equipment's capabilities, factoring in things like speed, the hourly volume of packages produced, and whether the machine is a manual or automatic model.

Mechanical Components - Manual models will have less moving parts, internal computer-controlled motors and other more complicated components. As such, automatic models that can be programmed and run automatically via the control panel will cost more than the manual models available.

Capabilities - Depending on the model you choose and the machine's capabilities, you will have to consider your cost of materials. Entry-level machines are going to package less volume and use less materials daily versus a high-end automatic machine. While a high-end automatic model will cost a lot more upfront, running higher amounts of materials will help you cut costs as you will generally get discounts on materials orders for larger volumes of product purchased. In this respect, your total cost of ownership over time will be less for more expensive higher-end models.

Labor - While you may be able to spend less on an entry-level manual machine, you will also be required to pay a human operator for the daily operation of the device. Depending on the volume of products you are packaging regularly, buying a more expensive fully automatic model and running without the required man-hours may save you money in the long run.

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