Social media has been evolving itself into various apps in recent years. Each social media app has found its purpose. Facebook connects with more people, Twitter for sharing short content, Instagram to share pictures, and Whatsapp for messaging. With all this future, now we are witnessing the increase of an audio-based social media app. The clubhouse is an audio-based social media app where users create rooms to conduct meetings and discuss various topics. this is often a replacement addition to the social media craze we’ve all been hooked into.

 The Clubhouse app is now acting as an invite-only registration app for several reasons. A user can create a profile in Clubhouse as long as he/she is invited by an existing user. This exclusiveness has created an expectation in people to make a profile for themselves. Also, Oprah Winfrey and Elon Musk's sign-up has made an enormous buzz around this app. But unfortunately, not all people are ready to create a profile for themselves.

 There are enticing features that make the app to be more unique and outstanding. Let’s see what those are.

 People to Follow section - It contains a comprehensive list of famous CEOs, journalists, lawyers, movie directors, music composers, photographers, politicians, sportspersons, stand-up comedians, and writers. Users will receive instant alerts when these popular personalities participate during a voice chat on an app like Clubhouse.

Upcoming audio conversations - It consists of an in-depth schedule of voice chats to be held within the future. The date and time are mentioned for every audio discussion. Members of the Clubhouse clone script can prefer to participate in voice-based conversations consistent with their interests. It covers different topics like copywriting, digital marketing, employment, leadership, psychology, and far more.

 CCPA compliant - The Clubhouse clone app follows all the rules of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), 2018. Hence, there's a high level of knowledge protection and security for all users. There’s no misuse within the sharing of private information.

Summing up,

The clubhouse has been a welcome addition to the fast-growing social media world. Voice conversations are happening 24x7 almost like a live radio show on the web platform. Many celebrities and influencers also are using an audio-based social media app like Clubhouse to directly connect with their fans and followers.

Hence, aspiring entrepreneurs can make waves within the social media market. They ought to get the tailor-made Clubhouse clone script now from a competent app development company. So, if you are an entrepreneur who badly wishes to set your foot in this business and knows nothing about it, we are here for you to help and guide you from the scratch.