ISO Certification in Doha


Doha, the capital city of Qatar is also the most populous city in the nation. Qatar has a population of 2,920,409 and a significant number of this population resides in Doha and its metropolitan area. With 80% of Qatar’s population residing in Doha, it is one of the fastest-growing cities in the world. 

Doha is exceptionally urbanized and the city is situated on the shore of the Persian Gulf in the east of the country, north of Al Wakrah and south of Al Khor. Only a minority of the population of Doha are Qatari Nationals, most of the population is made up of expatriates from all over the world.

 Doha is the political and economic center of the country. Various domestic and international organizations are headquartered in the city, including Qatar Petroleum, Qatargas, and RasGas, which are the largest oil and gas companies in the city. Unsurprisingly, a large part of the economy of the country is made from oil and natural gas companies. In fact, Doha was included in Fortune's 15 best new cities for business in 2011.

Because of this, the government dispatched various initiatives to decrease its dependence on oil and gas resources and expand the country’s economy. Doha International Airport was one such initiative that helped in the growth of the tourism sector. Later, the Hamad International Airport was built to replace it in 2014 which created a drastic improvement.

Therefore, the increase in population, businesses, diversity, and tourism all calls for an improved and best-in-the-business attitude. ISO in Doha can help organizations of any kind or size stand out in the global market and significantly improve their business performance.



What is ISO in Doha, you may ask?

 ISO is the International Organization for Standardization. They develop and publish International Standards and are made up of representatives from numerous national standards organizations. ISO was founded on 23 February 1947. It promotes worldwide proprietary, industrial, and commercial standards.

ISO is derived from the Greek word isos, which means equal. Therefore, the purpose of these standards is to internationally standardize all organizations and improve the global market.

ISO certification in Doha confirms that an organization’s system, industrial process, service, or certification procedure has all the requirements for standardization and quality assurance.

For organizations in certain businesses, ISO certification in Doha might be legally necessary. But regardless of whether that is the situation, adjusting to ISO norms has numerous advantages for organizations. For example, it saves the company a lot of time and resources by recognizing and resolving any recurring issues which ultimately improves the business efficiency and performance.


Various types of ISO Certification in Doha

No matter the kind of business you are in, ISO has a standard for all of it.

Some of the most generic and widely used standards are:


ISO 9001 in Doha

 Attaining an ISO quality management certification can help improve the efficiency, productivity, strategic planning, sales and marketing, and employee and customer gratification of the organization.


ISO 27001 in Doha

It is the international standard for an effective Information Security Management System. With the increase in population and business, there is an increase in competition and data risks. Therefore, it is of utmost importance for any organization to keep their information safe and secure to continue to a stable business.


ISO 14001 in Doha

Doha already has extremely torrid climatic conditions. Many companies use expensive methods such as ventilation, refrigerants, dehumidifiers, or altered working hours to bear with this climate. Therefore, organizations need to ensure that their business process is not causing any more harm to the already drastic environmental factors.


ISO 45001 in Doha

Due to the numerous oil and gas industries, there is a large requirement for workers. Most of these workers leave their home country to come and work in Doha. The workers need to work in extreme weather conditions and timings. Therefore, it is an organization’s responsibility to ensure the Occupational Health and Safety of these employees. This feat can be achieved by complying with the ISO standard and obtaining ISO 45001 Certification in Doha.


ISO 22000 in Doha

Doha is a major tourist attraction in the country. With numerous hotels and restaurants, there is a lot of competition. To show the customers that your organization follows the best food practices, it becomes vital to conform to the ISO 22000 in Doha.


Gain a competitive edge now!

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