The universal joint is a very important part of the car, and the 5-280X PRECISION 334 universal joint is also a type of universal joint used in the car.

Common quasi-constant velocity universal joints have two types, double-joint type, and three-pin shaft type. Their working principle is the same as that of double cross-shaft universal joints to realize constant velocity transmission.

The double universal joint is a set of a double cross-shaft universal joint constant velocity transmission device that reduces the length of the transmission shaft to the minimum. The double fork is equivalent to the universal joint with the transmission shaft and the two ends on the same plane. cross. When the angle of intersection between the output shaft and the input shaft is small, the intersection point of the two shaft axes on the arc is very close to the above-mentioned mid-vertical line, so that the difference between α1 and α2 is small, and the angular velocity of the two shafts is nearly equal, so it is called double The combined universal joint is a quasi-constant velocity universal joint.

Of course, how universal joints can be subdivided into many types according to classification models, etc., such as 5-153X GU1000 PRECISION 369 universal joint is also one of the more subdivided universal joints.