The medical oxygen concentrator is a fixed device used for home oxygen therapy. Although most devices are equipped with casters, these wheels help move the device from one room to another in the home and are not considered portable outside the home. Because of their large size and weight, they are usually called fixed oxygen concentrators. For patients suffering from emphysema, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), or other related respiratory diseases, medical oxygen concentrators are essential in-home medical equipment. An indispensable item.

  The lives of many patients depend on the support of their machines to meet their needs. Most devices provide a continuous flow of oxygen, which is continuously supplied to patients with the respiratory system during the inhalation and exhalation cycles. On the other hand, portable medical oxygen concentrators mostly use pulsed oxygen instead of continuous oxygen because of their small size. The pulse dose is not a continuous supply of oxygen because it only provides a puff of oxygen during the inhalation cycle. Household oxygen machines are usually much larger than portable devices and provide more oxygen flow. Many of these large devices can also provide oxygen to pipes up to 50 feet long, allowing patients to have significant mobility at home.

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