Impact strength of PVC celuka board: refers to the work consumed per unit area when the PP board is broken by impact (KJ/m2). For some plastics with high impact strength, there is often a gap of a specified size in the middle of the sample to reduce the work required to break it, which is called the notched impact strength. In addition, pay attention to the processing of PP board:

  一: The PP board itself is not flame-retardant, so smoke and fire should be strictly prohibited during the processing to prevent fire.

   Two: PP board is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and can be used on food. There is no need to wear anti-virus facilities during processing.

  3: Due to cutting, the edge of the sheet is relatively sharp. Pay attention to scratches when handling. If it is unfortunately scratched, go to a doctor and bandage it in time.

   Four: Try not to place the PP board outdoors to prevent accelerated aging.

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