The hype surrounding Madden 22 is real, at least for a while. It’s understandable that NFL fans are keen to get the latest version of Madden, but the graphics look a bit boring. On Thursday, the rookie was leaked in an Instagram post. "Picksixpod" released a compilation of every rookie in real life and compared them with their avatars, and the results surprised us. Players can achieve better game effects through Madden 22 Coins.

Most comments on Picksixpod posts are negative. Some people laugh at this amazing similarity, some have been trying to hypothesize an explanation why they look like this, and some are just frustrated.

Graphics issues have always been the norm in the "Madden" series. Many players complain that the game looks the same every year. Animation is rarely improved, texture quality is rarely changed, facial expressions are always strange, etc. Every year, the entire YouTube channel highlights every graphical flaw in Madden. Although the graphics have gradually improved over the years, most people would agree that they are generally not as good as other top sports products. For example, the NBA 2K series has done a better job in continuing to promote the best graphics in the industry. madden 22 coins allow you to get relatively good roles.

However, the specific problems with frustrating rookie graphics are not new. The Broncos ran back at Madden 19 and he lost his iconic long hair. This is an important part of his personality. Subsequent repairs fixed the problem. But the damage has been done. There are other questions. There are limited customization options for face graphics in the player creation mode. And there are only a few faces to choose from when creating a player. Buy MUT Coins can unlock more star characters.