Corrosion has long been the most destructive factor in nature, but with flange Insulation Gasket Kits, this expensive profit-plundering project can be almost eliminated. The quality of engineered insulation products is consistent and can be used to control and limit electrolytic corrosion in almost all piping systems. Insulation products are made of materials with excellent high dielectric strength, low water absorption, and chemical stability to maintain the high quality required for applications in refineries and chemical plants. Insulating materials are free of hydrocarbon exposure, weathering, and saltwater problems. Quality assurance and high productivity enable our customers to economically protect and extend the service life of their equipment, with little or no downtime due to electrolysis.

  We manufacture a full range of standard flange Insulation Gasket Kits, including type F (ring) gaskets, type E (full) gaskets, and type D (API ring joint) gaskets. Type F and E gaskets are made of 1/8" thick fabric-based phenolic (Nema grade CE) plate, uncoated (flat), or coated with nitrile rubber on both sides. Type F and E gaskets are also compressed Non-asbestos has excellent electrical insulation properties.

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