Glass Tube Rotameter is basically a variable area flow meter.

  The working principle of the Glass Tube Rotameter is that the area of ​​the fluid in the glass tube is variable. The main function of the Glass Tube Rotameter is to lift the float in the tapping tube. Therefore, the area through which the fluid passes increases. As the float moves up and down according to the flow rate of the fluid in the tube. Therefore, the combination of the tube and the float determines the fluid flow rate indicated on the scale.

  Special features of Glass Tube Rotameter:

  Volume flow measurement

  Will apply to gravity flow

  Weatherproof stainless steel housing option available

  Design and calibration comply with ISA-PR16.5 and ISA-PR16.6

  Very low-cost instrument

  Heavy-duty design for maximum visibility

  Excellent finish with two-color powder coating

  The body has no threads to avoid corrosion

  Easy to maintain and replace

  Suitable for online installation

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