“OPC registration in Bangalore” The One Person Company (OPC) lately was dispatched as a decent refinement over the sole ownership. In OPC, a solitary advertiser acquires full authority over the organization accordingly limiting his/her risk towards their commitments to the undertaking. In this manner, the said individual will be the sole investor and chief (nonetheless, a chief candidate is available, yet has zero force until the genuine chief demonstrates unequipped for getting into the agreement). Likewise, there can be no chance for adding to representative investment opportunities or value financing. Also, if an OPC organization has a normal hattrick turnover of Rs. 2 crores and over or gains a settled-up asset of Rs. 50 lakh and over, it must be changed over to a private restricted organization or public restricted organization inside a half year.

Records needed for OPC Registration

The head of the OPC ought to present the checked records/duplicates of the accompanying reports compulsory for OPC registration service provider in Bangalore

  • PAN card or Passport
  • Passport, for NRIs and Foreign Nationals
  • Scanned record of Driver's License or Voter's ID
  • Updated gas or power receipt/Bank account Statement/Mobile or landline telephone receipt
  • Specimen mark or impression
  • passport-sized photograph

Advantages of register one individual organization

OPC is an organization that can be shaped with 1 Director and a Member as against a private restricted organization. OPC furnishes better freedoms with negligible consistency.

One Person Can Start the Business: Under OPC, one individual can begin the business with next to no consistency. Because of fewer compliances, an individual gets more opportunity to zero in on his business and key regions.

Complete Control By The Individual: The control stays in the hand of one individual as it were.

Limited Liability: If there should arise an occurrence of One Person Company, the individual from OPC has restricted responsibility.

Separate Legal Entity from Its Member: Being an organization, OPC has a different legitimate presence from its part.

Easy Compliance and Tax Flexibility: An individual needs to follow simple consistency and profit the advantage of duty accessibility as well.

Benefits For Small Scale Industries: OPC profits the advantages gave to Small scope ventures like simple financing, less consistency, credits at a lower loan cost, and so forth

Eligibility Criteria for OPC Registration Consultants in Bangalore

A normal individual can frame OPC who is an occupant of India in the former schedule year.

  • Only 1 part can shape an OPC.
  • The Name ought to be interesting and ought not to be like some other existing organization and brand name.
  • An individual can't consolidate more than 1 OPC or
  • An individual can't be the candidate of more than 1 OPC.
  • There should be a most un-1 chief.
  • In the instance of OPC, the edge furthest reaches of settled up capital is Rs 50 lakh and the Average Annual turnover is Rs 2crore in the promptly going before monetary year. Nonetheless, according to most recent spending now there is no limitation on settled up and turnover limit.
  • One Person Company should remember for its name (OPC) Private Limited.
  • Pre-condition to show the name of the other individual as a candidate. As in the case of the passing of the endorser, a candidate turns into an individual from the One Person Company.

How to get cost of one person company registration in Bangalore?

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