PVC foam sheet is light in weight
One of the most important PVC plastic properties is that it’s light in weight. Foamed PVC foam board is the lightest, being twice as light as solid PVC. This is very useful if, for example, you’re giving a presentation and don’t want to have to move a heavy board.

PVC foam sheet is great for printing
4x8 pvc foam board are widely used in the advertising industry. This is not just because the plates are light, but also because it’s so easy to print on them. Examples include trade shows, shop displays and product presentations.

Tip: Do you want to create an attractive feature for your wall? Create a photo panel by having PVC foam board printed with your favourite photo.

PVC foam sheet is easy to process
Foamed PVC sheets are chemically resistant so they’re easy to process. It’s possible to drill, saw, glue, paint and mill the sheets. Foamed PVC is particularly suitable for interior advertising, displays, covering ceilings, stand construction, screen printing and interior decoration ideas such as wallpaper panels.

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