Platelet-rich plasma - prp-behandlung is a great potential for the regeneration of the body and repair of its tissues during the healing process, thanks to the so-called growth factors that have a special impact on their reconstruction.

PRP, or platelet growth factors, is a concentrate of platelets, isolated from the patient's whole blood. They are used in the treatment of both chronic and acute injured lesions, including both soft tissues and bone tissue, using the possibilities of own cells to heal.

Platelet-rich plasma PRP is increasingly used in the treatment of various types of orthopedic injuries.

The most important factor is the REGENERATING ACTION - the platelet-rich plasma concentrate can be used whenever the goal is to:

  • acceleration of healing processes,
  • treatment of any injuries, including sports injuries
  • treatment of chronic conditions, e.g. tennis elbow.

The strong action of plasma accelerates wound healing and stimulates the reconstruction of tendons and muscle tissue.


  • Achilles tendinitis
  • heel spurs, plantar fasciitis
  • goose foot tendinitis,
  • "Jumper's knee", "runner's knee"
  • Reticular tightness syndrome, rotator cuff tendinopathy
  • enthesopathies - "tennis elbow", "golfer's elbow"
  • bursitis and greater trochanteric enthesopathy of the femur
  • osteoarthritis - supportive
  • articular cartilage diseases - supportive
  • disorders of bone adhesions - supportive
  • after tendon repair operations, e.g. Achilles tendon - supportive
  • after injuries of muscles and ligaments - supportive
  • hard-to-heal wounds - supportive


Preparation of PRP requires the collection of several ml of venous blood from the patient, then, after centrifugation, the patient receives a platelet-rich plasma concentrate, which is injected into the affected area using a sterile syringe with a needle. In some cases, administration is under ultrasound guidance.


  • a single administration of a platelet concentrate obtained from the patient's own blood
  • minimally invasive method, no skin incision is required,
  • no allergic complications
  • high effectiveness of therapy
  • can be combined with the administration of hyaluronic acid


  • qualification for the procedure is performed by an orthopedist on the basis of examination and documented medical history
  • the patient's consent is required to apply the therapy,
  • the period before the procedure: 3 days before the procedure, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs should be discontinued, the same about 7 days after the procedure. Paracetamol and tramal can be used during this time.


After the procedure, it is recommended to relieve the limb for about 7 days:

  •  in the case of tennis elbow, a sling or a triangle scarf may be used (if there is severe pain)
  • in the case of a heel spur, knee joint or Achilles tendon, relief with elbow crutches, depending on pain conditions

Some patients report pain at the site of platelet-rich concentrate injection during the first few days, therefore analgesic treatment should be started. The doctor decides about its type and period of use.

It should be remembered that after administration of PRP the patient will not be able to drive a car for some time.

Platelet-derived growth factors PRP is a new, effective and biologically safe method of tissue regeneration.