Upgrading Maps, otherwise known as “juicing” by the community, is crucial to gaining net returns in Path of Exile’s endgame system. Juicing Maps comprises using Cartographer’s Chisels on them while they are normal/white rarity, using an Orb of Alchemy to add modifiers to the map, applying Sextants to Atlas Watchstones to grant extra packs of mobs, and using Sacrificial Fragments or Scarabs to further enhance Map item quantity and rarity. Delirious Orbs for adding tons of pack size to Maps, but players should note that Delirium makes Maps exponentially harder the more that are applied. Using these POE Currency, Maps will grant significantly more loot.

Path of Exile community agrees that farming the eternal maze is an insurmountable pain point. Each run is filled with many side rooms that players have to navigate, some traps that can be built at once, and bosses that can shoot most players at once. In summary, the community’s contempt for this activity makes it an ideal place to make money. Create a build with as much physical damage reduction or speed as possible. From there, look for players who need Uber Labs to carry with them, and pay to guide them through.

This will not only provide the player with passive income, but if the player gets a good helmet enchantment from the sacred fountain, then each run will also give the player the opportunity to create dozens of precious orbs. Enchant the popular helmets of the current alliance and carry players to earn a lot of money from the maze run.

In short, what players still need to do is to continue to study practical game guides to collect more convenient ways to earn POE Exalted Orb for themselves. If one day they are tired of earning game currency through games, they can also seek the help of reliable agents to buy some Cheap Path of Exile Currency. Either way. Try it.