During the epidemic, all players’ game duration has increased, and Path of Exile is no exception. The game duration recorded by Grinding Gear Games will continue to be refreshed in 2020.There are also more players choosing on the trading platform to Buy POE Currency.

Grinding Gear's last updated Path of Exile on April 16th. Under the influence of the season reset and the epidemic, Path of Exile’s playing time in 2020 has increased by 17%, with Atlas’s echo version at its peak. The designer said that players prefer the game’s outstanding core combat, similar to the traditional killing of monsters to get better loot and improve character abilities, instead of walking like collecting items. This is also the reason we organized the Delirium Alliance, we need to ensure the game’s strong core combat effectiveness and reward content. 

The current epidemic situation in New Zealand is stable. Designers have been able to work on both Path of Exile and its sequel in the office. Compared with working at home, the importance of face-to-face discussions between designers and fancy, working together in the office can improve Efficiency, less redundant norms. However, the epidemic has also brought about difficulties in recruiting. Regional blockades have allowed the company to recruit only one person to help. 

The design concept of Path of Exile2 is to continue and sublimate based on the first part, not only sharing the same endgame but also extending the goods you have purchased and sharing the same game account. Designers are also attempting game methods and platform sharing issues, trying to make Path of Exile cross-play before the console and PC. 

Path of Exile has undergone dozens of updates, and new items are emerging endlessly. For all kinds of new items that will appear in Path of Exile2, the developers said that naming is a very headache. This may be the reason why the sequel called Path of Exile2 early. With the arrival of the sequel, there will be more players Buy POE Currency