The best part of a dreary rain-filled day is finally breaking out your favorite pair of rainboots. You know that pair you impulsed bought because you wanted to look cute walking through the rain. The pair to show everyone rain cannot put a damper on your sense of style. But, as you slip on your brand new pair of boots you are so excited about, you begin to wonder if they are going to be comfortable. You know they will keep your feet dry, but are your feet going to be sore tonight when you get home?

Waterproof rainboots are any waterproof closed-toed boot. Traditionally they were calf-length and made out of leather. However, once rubber was introduced as a popular material, leather was no longer used. The original rain boots were most popular in the farming industry because there was finally a way for agricultural workers to have dry feet all day. But trust us, those farmers weren’t walking around in polka dot boots like yours as they mucked through muddy fields.

Over time, everyday people realized how great it is to have dry feet in the rain. Thus, the rain boot was popularized into the fashion industry. Now there is an endless amount of colors, patterns, and styles to choose from.

Hunter boots are one of the most popular kinds of rain boots. This company has been around for decades. It is almost impossible to walk a city street in the rain and not see a pair of Hunter boots. We believe Hunter rain boots are comfortable to walk in. Of course, there will always be critics out there, but overall they have a supportive sole, good traction, nice lining, and will most definitely keep your feet dry.

We are one of the rubber boots manufacturer and welcome to your come and purchase!