At this stage, Path of Exile's player evaluation is at a historically low point. No one can guarantee that newcomers will have a 100% good gaming experience after contacting the game.

Path of Exile is in a very contradictory stage. With the beginning of the season, Grinding Gear Games said that in the primary task of adding players to the previous game system, the original intention may be to connect the two leagues, but inadvertently make the game become more complicated. Players will of course like the new game update, but the developer's move allows players to play mechanical games or pay attention to POE Currency information part of the time.

Delirium league is a hard place for newcomers to get started, but I have to admit that the things it adds to the game are amazing. Harvest league is my favorite mechanism in Path of Exile. Although the garden is a bit frustrating, the stability and certainty of the mechanism make me especially fond of it.

There are too many Heist leagues. I have experienced many mechanisms, but Heist league is the mechanism I am least interested in. Compared to the overwhelming operations of Heist league, I prefer to make molds. The uniqueness of replicas and various gem skills are more attractive to me. Therefore, it is necessary to always pay attention to POE Orbs
Finally, let’s talk about Ritual league. This is a perfect league mechanism. Its existence has brought a beneficial influence on the game itself. The appearance of atlas passives and Maven has increased the fun. Different from the binding nature of other leagues, Ritual league is the league I have played the most since Harvest.