Cotton fabrics and jacquard fabrics are two different classification concepts. Pure cotton fabric is a fabric produced by textile technology with cotton as raw material. It has the characteristics of moisture absorption, moisture retention, heat resistance, alkali resistance, and hygiene. When the jacquard fabric is weaving, the warp and weft structure is changed to form a pattern, the yarn count is fine, and the raw material cotton is extremely demanding. It can be divided into woven, warp-knitted jacquard and weft-knitted jacquard.

Cotton fabrics are classified from the material, and the fabrics are pure cotton. Pure cotton fabric has better moisture absorption and heat resistance, and it is comfortable to wear. For work clothes in industries that require high moisture absorption, pure cotton fabrics can be used for processing.

Jacquard fabrics are classified in terms of technology. There are large and small jacquards, which are different from embroidered fabrics and printed fabrics. Many fabrics can be jacquard. The jacquard fabric has more than two colors, the fabric is rich in color, not monotonous, the pattern has a strong three-dimensional effect, and the grade is higher. The width of the fabric is not limited, and the pure cotton fabric shrinks slightly, does not ball, and does not fade. The unique texture is soft, delicate and smooth, with good gloss, good drape and air permeability, and high colorfastness. Jacquard fabrics can generally be used as materials for high- and mid-range clothing or for the decoration industry.

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