The thinner Spiral Wound Gaskets have many advantages:

  •Because the cross-sectional area exposed to the internal moderate pressure is smaller, it has greater resistance to a blowout.

  • Due to the smaller cross-sectional area, the leakage rate is again reduced.

  •Better compressive strength, so a higher surface load (pressure) of the gasket can be safely applied to a thinner gasket.

  •As thinner gaskets have lower creep relaxation characteristics, they have better fastener torque retention.

  • Reduce the cost of the gasket itself.

  It is difficult to apply in reality.” As mentioned above, thicker Spiral Wound Gaskets are more suitable for severely damaged or warped flanges because the ability of gaskets to fill flange irregularities is based on the compression of the gasket under a given load. the amount.

  Since the compressibility under a specific load is usually expressed as a percentage of the original thickness of the Spiral Wound Gaskets, a thicker gasket with a larger original thickness will actually compress a larger distance. For example, a 10% compression of a 1.0 mm gasket means compression of 0.1 mm. In a 10% compression of a 3.0 mm washer, the washer will compress 0.3 mm. The additional gasket compression means that thicker gaskets will better fill deeper scratches or low spots than thinner gaskets. Figure 1 shows an example of gasket thickness variation for 1.0 and 2.0 mm thick gaskets depending on gasket compressibility.

  However, the advantages of using thicker washers can be misleading. Although thicker gaskets will seal more flange irregularities, they can also cause other problems. The thicker the gasket, the greater the effect of heat, so the greater the creep relaxation. Figure 2 shows the change in surface pressure after two gaskets with different thicknesses are exposed to temperature. If the gasket is subjected to a pressure of 220 MPa and exposed to a high temperature of 100°C for 4 hours, the maximum pressure of the 1.0 mm thick gasket on the remaining gasket surface is 210 MPa, and the maximum pressure of the 2.0 mm thick gasket is 190 MPa ( For a stiffness of 500 kN/mm). This means that thicker gaskets lose more gasket surface pressure, which may result in the shorter service life of Metal Jacketed Gaskets Manufacturers gaskets and a higher leakage rate during operation.

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