A villager is an important part of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. They are NPCs between players and NPCs. It can be said that they are smart objects, but they have their own personalities and rich content, and they are life forms in the game world. Interesting and lovely villagers are the most popular. But there are also players who hope that a combination of villagers will play a role to help them build islands.

The Animal Crossing villager types are separated by gender, with four for male, and four for female. Each personality has specific phrases unique to that particular temperament, and in addition, they all have preferences which other personality that like to hang out with. Additionally, everyone has a man or woman counterpart. The male personalities are Jock, Lazy, Cranky, and Smug. The female personalities are Peppy, Normal, Sisterly, and Snooty. As a rule, a man and female counterparts get on; as an example, Normal and Lazy will coexist happily, and Peppy and Jock will likely be fast friends.

In general, each Animal Crossing: New Horizons personality has two other personalities it clashes with, though for most of them it's more. Snooty villagers would be the hardest to locate compatibility with, since they only get on with Cranky, Smug, and Normal villagers. All other villagers will rub them the wrong way and so they may start fights. While Smug villagers do get on with a number of other personalities, they can be most likely to be the 1st ones for getting angry and begin stomping around. Peppy villagers seem to get on with the majority of the other personalities, but they may be also one of the most sensitive and definitely, will retaliate in the event the Cranky and Snooty villagers are rude to them. The easiest way to possess a harmonious island is always to stick to just a couple of archetypes, as opposed to trying to have got all personalities on one island. Dealing with villagers is a matter of both benefits and risks. We can get more Animal Crossing Bells, etc., and we will be troubled by the villagers' fights.

For players that like to have as numerous different villager personalities as you possibly can, the simplest solution would be to have three different personalities that all go along. Because each personality has no less than two others who are don't get on with, the best combination is to experience a mix of as many as three different personalities that each one like the other person. Of course, other forms can be added at the player's discretion, but that may result in one character being unhappy. Combinations that really work best are Normal, Lazy, Peppy, or Cranky, Snooty, Smug. Two of one of the most popular Animal Crossing: New Horizons characters, Raymond and Marshal, are definitely the Smug type and therefore get on with 1 another, in addition to the Peppy, Snooty, Normal, and Lazy personalities.

Even if some villager types don't get on, it's not the end worldwide. If the player would like to console their island residents from a fight amongst one another, this doesn't much matter which personalities live together. But if the desired effect can be more harmony and much less stress, then adhering to archetypes that will get on and become happy neighbors is the greatest bet. Another thing for players to contemplate is which Animal Crossing: New Horizons character that they like most, as some of these can be quite rude, but the majority will warm around the player bosoms.

The villagers were introduced and a combination of villagers suitable for harmony was recommended. I wonder if the players will like it. But in order not to go to Buy ACNH NMT often, and to experience more fun, a reasonable choice of villager combinations is what players need to choose according to their needs.