Animal Crossing New Horizons' sales statistics as of February turned out to be 31 million. It is expected to become the best-selling game on Switch. And the recent Resident Evil Village also allowed players to experience the mystery of the design. The popularity of Resident Evil Village has been on the rise, and it can be said that this experiment was very successful.

These two titles may lay on completely different sides with the gaming spectrum, yet they are doing have something in common-a village. Though it may be valued at remembering that while New Horizons fans answer polls about beloved villagers, RE Village players don't end up being to know many from the in-game locals whatsoever-unless the bloodthirsty werewolves and mutants count.

Strangely, this is not the most bizarre of Resident Evil Village's mashups, so far. In the days before release, a modder was dropped several Barney the Dinosaurs inside the dungeon section from the Castle demo. Another mod began making the rounds a day or two thereafter, creepily swapping out Lady Dimitrescu's visage with the of Thomas the Tank Engine. The latest Resident Evil Village crossover definitely counts among by far the most charming currently.

Reddit user masabow1018 recently shared a couple of screenshots with their RE Village x Animal Crossing: New Horizons mashup. One image showcases a map with the nameless village itself; your second screenshot places an eerily adorable Heisenberg front and center. House Beneviento and Donna occupy another in the Redditor's creations, whilst the final picture depicts an incredibly angry Lady Dumitrescu. It's all oddly charming in many ways, as you would expect. It can be seen that he set up the items very distinctively, but the time he spent and Animal Crossing Bells There must be a lot.

The tools obtainable in Animal Crossing: New Horizons never cease to amaze. Each of the characters on display actually resembles their Resident Evil Village counterparts, emphasizing the depth of New Horizons' creation tools and masabow1018's creativity. This still may not be the last from the Resident Evil and Animal Crossing crossovers, either.

In such a game, the player's design talent is really displayed. Maybe Buy ACNH Bells can help them get enough materials, but it is difficult to find suitable materials, make various required items, combine them, and place them in specific locations to form an overall design. I think Animal Crossing: New Horizons will become one of the greatest games.