As the most dazzling star in contemporary architectural design, acrylic swimming pools are widely used in leisure resort hotels, private villas and high-end clubs with their irreproducible charm. The emergence of acrylic swimming pool has changed the traditional swimming pool application mode and concept. It is no longer just a carrier for people to swim, but also creates a leisure and peaceful atmosphere.

Under the market that has attracted much attention, the current situation of using acrylic panels in the domestic swimming pool industry is not ideal. The cost of acrylic swimming pools and the construction and installation of aquariums are still different.

1. The pressure on the swimming pool is constantly changing, unlike the aquarium that does not change much (the creatures in the aquarium do not frequently enter and exit), but there are many people in and out of the swimming pool every day, and the stress condition is dynamic.

2. The outdoor swimming pool has much higher requirements than the aquarium in terms of the weather resistance.

3. The swimming pool must also maintain its beauty, and the requirements for the plates are also different.

4. The cost of acrylic swimming pool is different from that of aquarium plate.

Some acrylic swimming pools will turn yellow, crack, or even turn white after being used for a period of time. Why?

This is the acrylic swimming pool manufacturer applying the acrylic sheet of the aquarium to the acrylic swimming pool. The sheet is still in chemical reaction and its state is unstable.

Secondly, these acrylic swimming pool panels are anti-UV. If the panels do not solve these problems during the design and construction, yellowing and whitening will occur. The final result is that the acrylic is ineffective in resisting outdoor aging. . As we all know, the power of ultraviolet rays is relatively strong and the strength is lost, and eventually burst.

The last problem is easily overlooked. At first, the acrylic sheet was transparent. Customers thought that the product was not very different and did not choose carefully. After a period of use, under ultraviolet light, there will be a problem after a period of time. In fact, every item has differences in grade and quality. The more transparent these differences, the less visible they are.

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