China Electric Bike Manufacturer introduces the charging knowledge of electric bicycle:

1. After the electric vehicle is stopped, the battery cannot be charged immediately
When an electric vehicle is riding, the battery itself will heat up. In addition to the hot weather, the temperature of the battery can even reach more than 70%. Charging the battery at this time will aggravate the battery’s water loss and reduce the battery’s service life. Increase the risk of battery charging. Therefore, the electric vehicle should be stopped for more than half an hour, and the battery should be cooled before charging.

2. The battery cannot be charged under direct sunlight
The battery also heats up during the charging process. If it is charged in direct sunlight, it will also cause the battery to lose water and cause damage to the battery. So try to charge the battery in a cool place, or choose to charge the electric car in the evening.

3. The charging time should not exceed 10 hours, or even overnight
Many electric vehicle users often charge overnight for convenience. Charging for a long time will not only reduce the range of electric vehicles but also seriously affect battery life. Regardless of whether the charger turns the lights or not, the charging time should be controlled within 10 hours.

Through the above introduction,Electric Motorbike With Brushless Motor Company hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.