Although it sounds similar, Submersible Sewage Pump and Grinding Pump are handled differently. Below, you will find information about the differences between them. If you suspect a problem with the sewage pump or Submersible Sewage Pump, please feel free to call your local licensed plumber.

  Sewage pump

  The sewage jet pump is designed to pump raw sewage from your home to a septic tank or gravity sewer main. Therefore, they can only pump to a distance of fewer than 750 feet. However, the advantage of sewage jet pumps is that their production capacity can transport up to 200 gallons of raw sewage per minute. This is much higher than the pump capacity that the septic tank grinder system can pump. Generally, sewage jet pumps are designed to treat large amounts of sewage at low pressure.

  Both sewage jet pump systems and septic tank pumps pump raw sewage from your home to another destination, but they achieve this goal in different ways. For example, sewage jet pumps do not have grinding blades like their grinding pumps. Instead, they use a rotating impeller to transport the sewage to the bottom of the pump. The pressure is then used to force the sewage into the discharge pipe.

  Submersible Sewage Pump

  Submersible Sewage Pump is a high-pressure/small flow system. This means that they are more suitable for transporting small amounts of raw sewage over longer distances than sewage injection pumps. If you need to discharge sewage to a pressurized sewer main, a septic tank grinder pump will help you achieve this goal.

  The Submersible Sewage Pump is equipped with blades, which are used to grind the untreated sewage into a slurry before it is discharged. From there, it is transported to the pressurized sewer main.

  Submersible Sewage Pump should not be paired with a septic tank system because the slurry is ground so fine that it will not separate from the liquid once it enters the septic tank. This means that it will not be sent to the auxiliary system, which may destroy your underground leaching site.

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