Many new events and rewards in Animal Crossing dazzled many players, making more and more players join the game. This shows that every effort made by Nintendo in gaming has paid off. In addition to the main content, the developers also added some minor details to the game. However, you can still find some details that players don't understand.

Nook mobile phone is an important tool in Nintendo's life simulator game. However, no one knows that because you have made progress in the game, the villagers have also started to customize their Nook Phone cases. ACBellsBuy store happens to provide players with Buy Animal Crossing Island Designs service. In addition, you will observe later that each villager has his taste and may have a unique phone case different from others.

When you become friends with them, your villagers will reward you with their photos. However, no one knows that the photos of the rover that will be obtained by completing the most recent activity are slightly different from those of others. The photo frame may be quite different. It is completely different from the wooden photo frame of other regular villagers. You will use this photo frame by default.

When lucky items are placed in a very good house, you can improve your happy family's academic performance. A moderate lucky value helps to improve player happiness. Most players will choose Buy ACNH Island Designs to show happiness. In addition, some lucky items will increase your happy family academic performance in a particular season.

In many cases, when you visit someone's island, you will get lost or even unable to return to the original path. Nintendo designed the action so that users can connect it with real life. However, you can contact the Resident Service through your Nook phone and then return to your village.