Expanded polytetrafluoroethylene or polytetrafluoroethylene

  Expanded PTFE is the most suitable gasket material for low bolt load torque! This change of PTFE is a soft material with flexibility. EPTFE is a solution in applications such as glass-lined pipes. In these applications, excessive bolt loading can create more problems than it solves. A good way to describe this material to someone who has never felt it is to imagine a dense cotton candy. EPTFE has the same chemical resistance and temperature range as any other PTFE, but the difference is that it is softer than conventional PTFE gasket materials and affects sealing more quickly.

  PTFE gaskets and applications:

  Graphite Gaskets Manufacturers' PTFE has excellent thermal insulation properties and is the most chemically resistant plastic known to man. PTFE is not affected by most corrosive liquids, vapors, and gases. PTFE complies with FDA and AMS specifications. PTFE has the ability to insulate up to 500 volts/mil without melting. These properties of PTFE make it an excellent choice for gasket materials in each of the following applications:

  1) Electrical application

  2) Food, beverages, and medicines

  3) Laboratory

  4) Petrochemical and chemical processing

  5) Semiconductor

  When there is no filler in the material, the PTFE resin functions particularly well in its "raw" state. To be honest, the filler will weaken its excellent electrical and chemical properties. However, when PTFE is used in mechanical applications, a mixture of PTFE and inorganic fillers can provide higher wear resistance, minimize creep and initial deformation, and enhance stiffness and conductivity. The hardness increases, and the coefficient of thermal expansion decreases. Therefore, the use of compounds creates the possibility of gaining advantages in applications where unfilled resin cannot be used.

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