When Pokémon premiered in 1996, the genre matching table looked very different. The second generation introduced dark and very useful steel. Fifteen years have passed. Now there are new additions, and the fairy is here. The goal is to eliminate dragons that look too big.

Today, 18 types dominate the Pokémon world. Some people are ranked higher, especially those with the coolest Pokémon in the level of those with the highest resistance and immunity. The mmoso.com store is where players can Buy 6IV Shiny Ditto. All of this creates a perfect balance, providing color and variety for the 898 Pokémon species you currently exist.

Ice Pokémon is relatively weak to the four types, so it can only resist itself. In most major series of games, most ice cube types are still unavailable. And can be used in the midpoint of the night arena, so the use of ice is restricted. Ices also have the strangest and most divergent designs in the series, which further increases their popularity.

Grass and Bug are in a similar situation. It received 7 types of resistance, from 3 types to 5 types of weakness. Player Buy 6 IV Shiny Pokemon is one of the ways to improve strength. Although there are almost many disadvantages, almost all teams have no less than a grass type, which solidifies its importance in the team.

The rock genre Pokémon is essentially the most daunting in the game. They are tough, aggressive, and challenging. However, as a type, Rock is not the best. Although it is super effective for four types and can resist four more. But it is weak to the shocking five types and resistant to the other three types.