In 2020, the beloved game Animal Crossing will launch another clothing series. The company will join the island of Hawaii with all other existing clothing lines in the franchise through an innovative way of participation.

Last year, I saw two clothing production lines with the theme of New Vision, one from Gelato Pique and the other from BlackMilk Clothing. The former provides comfortable pajamas, and the exquisite decorations are Timmy and Tommy's faces. Ingeniously, players can also go to ACNH Buy Bells. The latter is blowing in airy summer clothes with exquisite patterns of Tom Nuuk and his friends.

The photos were taken by UNIQLO in the Animal Crossing clothing series promise a series of diversified designs, which are worthwhile in the Able Sisters store. This Japanese fashion brand has tailor-made clothes for adults, children, and babies. Its designs include Dodo Air and Fruits.

Uniqlo may include themed accessories in the clothing collection, such as dual-use towels and refillable bags. Although the design of the brand is subtle, it embodies the essence of realism. ACBellsBuy store can provide players with online discount prices Buy Bells Animal Crossing. Paste the game's tailor shop name and business hours on the title of the tailor shop.

The UNIQLO series will arrive in the United States in June in the brand's store or online. The release of this product line abroad will be different, so please make sure you check more release dates on the UNIQLO website. You can also visit its New Horizons Island, and you can also get the patterns in the game from the design of the series that are available in-game.