Ring Joint Gaskets Manufacturer's ring joint (RTJ) gaskets are made of metal materials. Therefore, the requirements in terms of dimensional accuracy and surface quality are very high. This involves both the gasket and the sealing part of the flange. The necessary surface quality largely depends on the Brinell hardness of the gasket material. The relationship RZ [µm] <300 / HB provides a useful indication. There is a difference between the two ring gaskets of the Non-Asbestos Gaskets Factory, so two different calculation methods are used:

  1. Sealing radius of RTJ gasket

  a) Convex octagonal RTJ gasket, profile AR 13, in which, when tensioned, the convex cone shell surface of the gasket presses on the flat cone shell surface of the groove.

  b) Oval ring joint gasket, profile A11, in which the circular surface is pressed on the surface of the cone of the groove.

  In response to any change in bolt load, the increase or decrease in pressure on the sealing surface is small.

  2. RTJ gasket with flat sealing surface

  Octagonal RTJ gaskets, contours A13, and A14 are flat gaskets, the sealing surfaces of which are two cone shell surfaces. The projection in the direction of bolt force bG = b1 + b2 should be set to the width of the sealing surface.

  The sealing surface pressure will increase or decrease in proportion to any change in bolt load.

  The application threshold of the elliptical octagonal RTJ gasket can be calculated more accurately based on the material, diameter, pressure, temperature, and surface pressure limit values. Here, the functional sealing characteristic values ​​according to AD are replaced with σv and σ values. API ring joint gaskets according to API and ASME standards are mainly used in the petrochemical industry and oil refineries as reliable gaskets for production pipelines. We are allowed to provide API monograms to our products. This ensures that our products comply with the latest API standards. It should be noted that in profile A12, the flange has metal-to-metal contact. Contour AR13 has a convex sealing surface. The ring joint gasket can be produced as a blind plate gasket in Profile A11S, A13S, etc., and can also be produced as a blind plate glasses gasket in Profile A11BS.